Iron Man 2: Justin Hammer Armor Prototype Designs Revealed

In the newly-released The Wakanda Files: A Technological Exploration of the Avengers and Beyond, fans can get a look at the military armor Justin Hammer was hoping to sell to the government in Iron Man 2. While the movie itself didn't have the wide variety of different armors that we saw in Iron Man 3 and some of the Avengers films, it certainly had that potential. In the book, which hit the stands on October 20, is chock full of goodies from the Marvel Cinematic Universe, exploring the science and technology of a world shaped by geniuses like Bruce Banner and Tony Stark.

Being in-universe gives the book a perspective that's hard to recreate in simple "behind the scenes" style books about movies -- and it makes at least some sense that, following the events of Black Panther, there would be a lot of interest in the relationship between Wakanda, Vibranium, and the various events that have shaped the Marvel Universe.

You can see a photo of the pages below for context:

The Army armor features what looks like the gun mounted to a tank turret on it, and is actually a drone, rather than armor that you would put on a soldier. Here's how they describe it:

"Our Hammer Army-based drones carry assault rifles and infantry-specific weapons for ground forces. The unit's feet are capable of setting up reinforcement tripods to fire anti-aircraft flak. Each unit is also reinforced with Chobham plated armor. That's the same heavy-duty composite covering used by the Brits for their tanks. This stuff can withstand a barrage of BGM-71 missiles."

The Air Force armor looks a lot like what became the Iron Patriot armor, with big shoulders and a back-mounted rotating cannon. The description from Hammer plays up the speed of the "unit."

The one designed for the Marines boasts that "Brute strength is the name of the game, including grenade launchers, automatic rifles, and all the latest anti-tank weapons Hammer Industries has to offer."


In the Naval unit -- which hs shoulder -mounted torpedoes and stinger missiles -- the mask of it being an in-universe catalog slips a bit as "Hammer" chimes in with an "I'll even throw in" gag, something that likely wouldn't play in the real world of trying to sell the tech to governments.

You can get the book at your local book store or Amazon now.