Is Avengers Sequel Coming In 2014?

While we previously thought that we wouldn’t see an Avengers sequel until at least 2015, rumors [...]

Avengers Iron Man and Captain America

While we previously thought that we wouldn't see an Avengers sequel until at least 2015, rumors are starting to swirl that 2014 could be the year. It's been known for quite some time that Marvel Studios planned release dates for 2014 are April 4 and May 16. While we've come to expect Marvel Studios to release a movie in May, the April date was kind of surprising. Much early speculation was that the April movie might be something new from Marvel Studios like a Nick Fury, Dr. Strange, Ant-Man or Sub-Mariner movie. The April movie would be warm up for the May movie which would likely be a proven sequel. Of course, the announcement of Captain America 2 as the film slated for the April 4, 2014 release date completely threw those earlier theories out of the water. One would think that Captain America 2 would have landed the coveted May 16 release date, which is when summer blockbusters tend to first start to hit. Unless of course, Marvel Studios has something bigger than Captain America 2 planned for May 2014. What could be bigger than Captain America 2? Given that Iron Man and Thor both have sequels being released in 2013, it leaves some thinking maybe an Avengers sequel. While Marvel Studios President of Production Kevin Feige has been doing his best job at hinting that second movie will be Ant-Man, it just seems like an unusual choice for the prime May release spot. With The Avengers becoming a runaway smash hit, many are speculating that Disney might be anxious to get a sequel in theaters sooner rather than later. There are a lot of big name stars tied to The Avengers, so it might also be necessary to move ahead with a sequel quickly while everyone is still available and under contracts. Which is all leading to the rumors that Avengers 2 whether originally planned or not will be placed in that May 16, 2014 release spot.