Jason Momoa Goes Viral For Doing Shirtless, No-Look Tomahawk Throws

Jason Momoa managed to make DC's defender of Atlantis and the oceans Aquaman a billion-dollar force in Hollywood, and with a sequel on the way, we will definitely be seeing him reprise the character at some point in the future. In the meantime, though Momoa is taking on other challenges, and while that does include new movies and shows, it also surprisingly includes tomahawk throwing. Not only does Momoa throw tomahawks (without a shirt mind you), but he does so without looking at the target, and in a new video we get to see how impressive that can be when it all comes together and how hilarious it is when it goes wrong.

The video starts out with Momoa showcasing his no-look tomahawk throwing skills, and while he does glance at the target briefly to make sure no one is in the way, he then turns around and chucks it without looking (all save for one). The first one he throws doesn't hit the mark., hitting the tent in the background, but Momoa recovers on the next ones, as they all hit the target in some form or fashion.

The final one he takes with both hands and hurls towards the target, and after it lands he walks off in a confident strut, and you can watch the full video below.

Now, if you keep watching after that initial segment, you'll see a blooper version of the video, which shows him trying to hit the target with hilarious results.

In this part, he actually has the opposite process happen, as he hits the target with the first one. The next one though hits the tent in the background, though as he says if he didn't see it, he can't say he missed. His commentary throughout is great, observing that they aren't hitting and then realizing one has hit the stump but then fallen on the ground.


He then lands another hit, but then his next one sails past and lands in the tent. The next one he flings even higher, hitting the tent once more. For his final throw he winds up and it looks great, though it also hits the tent. He then ends the sequence saying "I stuck it", though he breaks right after.

We could watch even more bloopers of this honestly, and who knows, maybe Aquaman will take toss some tomahawks in the sequel.