'Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom' Cut Scene That Revealed Character As Lesbian

When it comes to the world of Jurassic Park, fans are often most excited to see the dinosaurs take center stage and wreak havoc in multiple situations, with many of the characters playing second fiddle. In Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom, one female character's sexual orientation was never confirmed as the spectacle cut the scene that clarified the detail for audiences.

WARNING: Possible spoilers below for Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom

In one of the film's more quiet moments, Daniella Pineda's Dr. Zia Rodriguez and Chris Pratt's Owen Grady share a ride in a military vehicle where there isn't much to talk about. After sizing up Owen, Zia can't help but admit how handsome he was, even if she wasn't interested in men.

"I look at Chris and I'm like: 'Yeah, square jaw, good bone structure, tall, muscles,'" Pineda shared with Yahoo!. "'I don't date men, but if I did, it would be you. It would gross me out, but I'd do it.' I love that I'm looking at Chris Pratt, the hottest guy in the world, and I'm like, 'It would gross me out, but I guess I would do it!' It was also cool, because it was a little insight into my character. But they cut it."

Some audiences might be disappointed to see the LGBTQ community no longer represented on the big screen in such a massive movie, though Pineda understood why the moment didn't make its way into the final cut.

"Originally the cut was two hours and 40 minutes, and they were like, 'This is too long,'" Pineda admitted, while noting the line wasn't "relevant to the story, but it was a little glimmer into who she is."

The reveal that Zia is a lesbian being cut might not sit well with some audiences, as Jurassic World caught some flack for what some audiences considered sexist narrative decisions.

As has been addressed multiple times, audiences had a difficult time grasping how Bryce Dallas Howard's Claire Dearing could spend almost the entire film running, jumping, and climbing away from dinosaurs, all while wearing high heels. While the filmmakers have attempted to justify that this ordeal was one Claire was completely unprepared for, others thought it conveyed a more "damsel in distress" caricature when compared to the rugged Owen.

Additionally, one of the more violent deaths in Jurassic World featured the character Zara (Katie McGrath) being attacked by a winged dinosaur, only for another dinosaur to begin a tug of war, before Zara is pulled underwater where she would potentially drown. Instead, the mosasaurus kills both her and the pteradon in one of the film's most grisly deaths.

Audiences who were already unhappy with Claire's decision of footwear couldn't help but see the correlation between Zara's traumatic death and the film's overall depiction of female characters, leaving fans hoping this sequel offers more fulfilling onscreen representations of female characters.

Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom hits theaters Friday.


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