Kingsman Creator Wants BTS to Do a Song for One of the Movies

When it comes to comics, there is a name you surely know already. Over the years, Mark Millar has churned out some of the industries most popular runs like Old Man Logan under Marvel. On his own, the writer has thought up titles like Kick-Ass and more, but his work on Kingsman: The Secret Service remains a favorite.

And if the creator were to have his pick of things, Millar would bring in BTS to do a song for the next Kingsman movie.

Over on Twitter, the iconic writer got the K-pop fandom buzzing when he signaled his interest in BTS. Millar thanked fans of the group for sharing their kind words about Kingsman. It was then one fans asked if BTS could be cast in a future Kingsman film as part of the organization's South Korean division, and Millar seemed intrigued.

"Actually, given the big Kingsman fan-base in Asia, I personally think it would be very cool to have BTS do a SONG for one of the movies," the creator shared.

Of course, fans of the group were immediately interested in such a pitch. After all, BTS has yet to put its name on a major motion picture's soundtrack. While the band has had its music used in film projects, BTS hasn't found a movie its members can write a song for. And if you were to ask the BTS ARMY, you'd see the fanbase believes Kingsman could be that franchise for BTS. With Kingsman 3 in development, there is plenty of time for the creative team to reach out to the K-pop super group about a song, so the BTS fandom can keep its fingers crossed for the time being!


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The King's Man hits theaters February 14, 2020. Kingsman 3 has yet to set a release date.