Lionsgate Executive Fired After Allegedly Being Caught With Gun on Company Grounds

Lionsgate is reportedly undergoing some internal restructuring after executive Jared Goetz has been let go from the company. A report that began circulating Friday afternoon suggests Goetz was fired after an incident involving a coworker and a handgun. Goetz, who served as Lionsgate's president of North American TV distribution, had reportedly purchased a firearm for protection after two incidents, one involving a break-in at his house, and an alleged assault on his person at a stoplight.

The report first brought to light by THR says Goetz kept the firearm inside his car and showed it to a coworker during a recent lunch. Though he never brought it into the Lionsgate offices, as the report says, company policy prohibits such action on any company premises — including the parking lot. Goetz's last day at the studio is said to be today.

In his role at Lionsgate, he oversaw efforts to sell and license studio-owned content across network channels, cable, and streaming platforms. His resume also includes a 22-year stint at Disney immediately prior to his gig at Lionsgate.

A full statement for the executive's attorney (via THR) can be found below.


"Jared had his home burglarized and during the pandemic was attacked in his car at while at a stop light on Reseda Boulevard. He owned a hand gun that was properly licensed. Consistent with past actions, he had plans to go to the shooting range after work and train with Officer Daryl Scoggins of the West Valley police department. As Lionsgate confirmed, this was a one time incident, wherein he never took the gun into the office nor did he remove it from the lock box in the car while he was at work. He never showed it to anyone nor did he threaten or let anyone even see it. It was properly and legally secured and there was no one else who had ever seen it — Jared has alway been a model employee. He has never been involved in anything even close to disciplinary action in more than 25 years of working for companies. He is well liked and an honorable person. He never intended in any way to make anyone uncomfortable nor did he do anything illegal — In fact, there are no allegations that he attempted to scare or threaten anyone. While he has reasons for self protection, he is terribly sorry for this matter and realizes while the gun was properly secured in his vehicle, leaving it in his car in the parking lot was against company policy. He has had tremendous success while at Lionsgate which has led to him being approached with other incredible opportunities. He is focusing on those opportunities and wishes that this was not such a difficult and unsafe time for everyone."

Cover photo by Smith Collection/Gado/Getty Images