Man of Steel is Fully Scored


Tom Holkenborg, a composer working on Zack Snyder's Man of Steel with Hans Zimmer, took to Twitter earlier this week to tell his followers that he was watching a scoring playback for Man of Steel, with the music having been completed for the film, reports Comic Book Movie. Says the tweet, dated January 2, "and back in the studio!! Big playback coming up tomorrow with @ZackSnyder @RealHansZimmer ..... The whole movie scored! #manofsteel" While the film isn't due out for almost another six months (June 14), this may be an indicator the movie is almost completed. The finalization of the score generally comes fairly late in the production process since, in order to sync the sound with the footage, it's fairly dependent on the movie being mostly done. The obvious exception in a film like Man of Steel is that special effects, which play a big role in a movie like this, don't necessarily need to be completed for the film to be accurately scored. Of course, being close to completion is probably expected for the movie by now, given that its original release date was December 2012.