Marvel Director and Oscar Winner Taika Waititi Calls on Apple to Fix Their Keyboards

Last night saw Thor: Ragnarok and Thor: Love and Thunder director Taika Waititi take home Oscar [...]

Last night saw Thor: Ragnarok and Thor: Love and Thunder director Taika Waititi take home Oscar gold, winning the Best Adapted Screenplay award at The Academy Awards for his feature film Jojo Rabbit. As is customary after winning at the Academy Awards, Waititi was shuttled into the press room for the event where he was asked by members of the press from the world about making his film, the future of Hollywood, and winning the award. Though most of Waititi's answers were outwardly hilarious, his reply to a question about what the Writer's Guild of America should consider asking for in their negotiations with Alliance of Motion Picture and Television Producers was both hilarious but also clearly near and dear to him.

"Apple needs to fix those keyboards," Waititi said. "They're impossible to write on, they've gotten worse. It makes me want to go back to PCs because a PC keyboard the bounce back for your fingers is way better. Hands up who still uses a PC? You know what I'm talking about, it's a way better keyboard and those Apple keyboards are horrendous. Especially as the laptops get newer and newer, here's the latest one, the latest iMac, and the keyboards are worse....We've just got to fix those keyboards. The WGA needs to step in and actually do something."

Waititi is currently in the post-production process on his new movie Next Goal Wins, based on the 2014 soccer documentary of the same name and starring Michael Fassbender and Elisabeth Moss. The newly christened Oscar winner will return to the Marvel Cinemtic Universe later this year for Thor: Love and Thunder which will begin filming later this summer.

Notably the new Thor movie will see the return of Natalie Portman to the MCU, returning as her character Jane Foster but this time finding herself wielding the hammer. Portman had previously cast doubt on ever returning, but was lured back by the prospect of working with Waititi (coincidentally, Portman presented Waititi with his Academy Award last night).

"I just said to her, 'Are you interested in coming back to this thing, but doing something really different?'" the director recalled. "Because another thing, no one wants to keep repeating themselves and no one wants to play the same characters all the time. And I think for her, just coming back reprising that character but in this whole fresh new way, is really what I think would interest anyone. Especially, in most of these films, if you're not a superhero... do you really want to keep doing that? I mean, I wouldn't. I would want to come back and change things up."

Thor: Love and Thunder rides into theaters on November 5, 2021. Jojo Rabbit is now available digitally ahead of a home media release on February 18th.

(Photo by Daniele Venturelli/WireImage)