Midsommar Trends Because of Taylor Swift's Bizarre New Years Eve Photo

Perhaps singer/songwriter Taylor Swift and Ari Aster's 2019 horror film Midsommar have never necessarily entered your mind at the same time, no one would fault you for ever thinking about them at the same time. That said, a new tweet from the Grammy winner on New Year's Eve had everyone considering the two topics together so much that the Florence Pugh starring feature film briefly trended on Twitter. The reason why is Swift's tweet, which simply reads "bye 2020, it's been weird.," features her wearing a bear skin costume which has fans comparing it to the look of actor Jack Reynor in the film. We'll talk spoilers below.

Midsommar centrally follows' Pugh's Dani, who accompanies her boyfriend (Reynor) and some of his friends to a midsummer celebration in Sweden. Throughout the film the "celebration" isn't what it seems and sees them all drugged en masse throughout and many of them murdered in shocking ways. As the film comes to its shocking conclusion, with Dani declared "May Queen" and stuck inside a giant dress made out of colorful flowers, Reynor's Christian is paralyzed inside a bear skin and chosen by his lover to be among the final victims of the festival, placed inside a hut that is set ablaze.

Swift's photo quickly reminded fans of the feature film, and frankly they're not wrong. The replies to her tweet are filled with jokes and references to the horror movie with one fan putting an image of Swift in her bear costume and Ariana Grande in a flower ensemble (which looks a lot like Pugh's from the movie) together for comparison.

"There was a dummy of my face that looked exactly like me, and he spent most of the time in the bear," Reynor previously told Collider about his time wearing the bear suit. "But there were a couple of shots where I had to put the head on and they basically laid the bear suit over me, and it was uncomfortable. Again, it was really hot in there, but it was also the awareness and being attached to your character and trying to empathize with your character where you do feel ... It's dark and it's unsettling to watch all these people around you basically making it look like they're going to kill you in a horrific way. There's nothing you can do and you're paralyzed. You know? It was heavy.... There was a psychological toll making this film for sure."


We can only imagine, Jack.