Netflix Offering Free Streaming of Major Movies and Shows, Here's the Full List

Free Netflix doesn't exactly sound like a realistic thing here in 2020, since most of us exhausted our free trial subscriptions years and years ago. However, the streaming giant is now offering some of its original content to folks online at no extra cost, even if they don't have a subscription. This week, Netflix launched a new "Watch Free" section of the site that can be accessed without an account, featuring a handful of popular content for people to check out.

All you have to do is visit, and you'll have a few different titles available to stream. The collection is anchored by original films Bird Box and Murder Mystery, which are two of the most popular movies in Netflix's history. Also available is the first episode of Stranger Things, along with premiere episodes of some other popular series. Below, you'll find the full list of free options.

Bird Box
Murder Mystery
The Two Popes
Stranger Things
When They See Us
Love Is Blind
Boss Baby: Back in Business
Grace and Frankie
Our Planet

Most of these options are TV shows, but that doesn't mean you'll get to binge them in their entirety without having to pay. Netflix has only made the first episodes of these shows available, in the hopes that folks will enjoy that they see and want to sign up to watch more.

If you do want to check out these titles on the Watch Free list, you may not want to wait too long. Netflix does note that the lineup may change or rotate. "The selection may change from time to time, so watch now," Netflix says on the site.


“Visit to get a peek at the type of entertainment you can expect from us by watching the first episode of some of our most popular shows,” adds Netflix.

As of right now, the free options are only available on web browsers and on the Android mobile app. The section of the site isn't accepted in other formats.