New Music Video Imagines 80's Action Heroes In Clay Form

Gunship has put out a fantastic music video for their latest track, "Tech Noir." It tells the tale of a man (live-action) that leaps into a claymation world, where he and others can transform into iconic movie characters (RoboCop, Rocky, Jason Voorhees, Pinhead & more) with the help of VHS tapes, so that he can save the woman of his dreams.

The London-based synthwave band creates its unique sound with vintage analogue synthesizers and other retro electronic gear that was available in the '80s. That's why this music video, which was written, directed and animated by Lee Hardcastle, fits them like a glove. Jordan Ramoth and Valerie Fox are the live-action performers and John Carpenter provides the narration.

Check it out in the video below.

(via laughingsquid)


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