Prometheus Sequel Will Now Be Called Alien: Covenant According To Ridley Scott


The saga of the next Prometheus movie continues as Ridley Scott dropped a new name for his upcoming sequel. While at the AFI Film Festival, Scott took part in an hour long conversation with fans about his entire career revealing new bits of information here and there.

Now, up to this point, the movie has been going by the name Alien: Paradise Lost but you know how these things go. As Scott works on the movie, things change, and in this case - so did the title. The crazy part is that the name was casually dropped during a story about his most recent hit, The Martian.

"I was going to be doing what will be called 'Alien: Covenant,' which starts shooting next February, and we were struggling then with the screenplay there and then there was a phone call, somebody saying, 'Listen, we've got this thing which is completely written called 'Martian,' and I said, 'Huh.' And I sped read it in an hour and by mid-afternoon, I talked to Fox and said, 'I need to talk to 'Drew [Goddard]…'"


So what do you think readers? Is this the final name or will we get a few more iterations before work finally begins on it? Let us know in the comments below!

(via IW)