Reports: Harrison Ford's On-Set Injury Worse Than Previously Reported

British tabloid paper the Daily Mail reports that Harrison Ford's on-set injury while shooting Star Wars Episode VII might have been worse than previously reported, with the 71-year-old actor also suffering a pelvic injury in a fall after he fractured his ankle when a door on the Millennium Falcon closed on his foot unexpectedly.

The article, which collects reports from various other British press (tabloid and not) sources, also says Ford's wife, actress Callista Flockheart, has flown to the U.K. to visit her husband in the hospital -- although it appears she was planning to visit him on-set anyway and the timing was, if anything, only moved up slightly so headlines suggesting that her visit indicates a bigger-picture problem are likely exaggerated.

Another report claims that he may need to undergo a chest x-ray, but barring any further information that, too, could just be standard procedure with a senior citizen after a bad fall with serious injury.