Spider-Man 3 Fan Discovers Spectacular Easter Egg From First Film

Sam Raimi's Spider-Man 3 may get a bad reputation for its portrayal of Venom of and emo take on Peter Parker, but most fans have come to acknowledge that the film still has its merits. It has that classic Raimi flair that we all love so much, not to mention a fantastic examination of brokenness in the form of Thomas Haden Church's Sandman. Some fans are now noticing, however, that there are also some very interesting and important details hidden within the film as well.

One eagle-eyed viewer was watching Spider-Man 3 recently and noticed a detail that has escaped many over the years. It's not a big deal, and doesn't provide any extra information, but it's still great to see all the same. On Thursday, a user on Reddit posted a screenshot from Spider-Man 3, focusing on Peter Parker's right hand. If you look closely, you'll see the scar from what started it all.

"In Spider-Man 3, you can actually notice the spider bite from the first movie," the user wrote along with the screenshot. "First time I noticed that, I am ashamed of myself."

In Spider-man 3, you can actually see the spider bite from the first movie. First time I noticed that, I am ashamed of myself. from r/raimimemes

The spider that bit Peter in the first film gave him all of his superpowers, beginning the legacy of Spider-Man. That Spider was incredibly powerful, but it wasn't some kind of enormous monster. It was a small creature, small enough that most fans, as well as most filmmakers, would simply wouldn't think about a scar or mark from that bite years later. But Raimi clearly thought about it.


Perhaps there's a crazy level of continuity-brain at play here for Raimi. Or, more likely, that bite on the hand was simply part of Tobey Maguire's makeup each day on set, which is still a wonderful attention to detail that takes the movie above and beyond.

Have you noticed this little detail in the Spider-Man movies before? What other Easter Eggs do you remember from those films? Let us know in the comments!