Spider-Man's Tom Holland Is A Massive Thor Fan


Two year ago, Collider sat down and chatted with Tom Holland on the London set of In the Heart of the Sea as part of a press event. A lot has happened in the span. Holland landed the coveted role of Peter Parker/Spider-Man in the Marvel Cinematic Universe and has already finished filming his scenes for Captain America: Civil War.

In the interview, Holland gushed about being a fan of Thor and pointed out how kind and generous Chris Hemsworth is with his young Marvel fans. Hopefully, Holland remembers the lessons he learned from that as acclimates to that level of stardom which is right around the bend.

"I'm a massive Thor fan," Holland told Collider. "It's great, [Thor: The Dark World] came out like three or four days ago and I watched it, and I've just been buggin' him with questions [laughter]. He's cool, he's answering it. It's funny, today we've got like 300 extras on, and in our starting positions in the scene we've got like 12 kids, and they're all like 7 or 8 and poor Chris, today it was all 'Mister Chris! Mister Chris! How heavy is your hammer?' [laughter]. So yeah he's an awesome guy, he's so fun. When we've been in the boats and stuff and it's been quite tough because we've been hungry because we're all supposed to be starving and we're on this stupid diet, he's been great and good fun, he's a good laugh. He really is kind of the leader, because we could be on the boat and I have like the most pathetic voice, if I try to shout to someone 50 meters away, no one will hear me. Chris just goes [deep voice] 'Hey Ron' and Ron's, 'Yeah, what?' [laughter] Literally he just talks, it's unreal. So yeah, it's great having Chris around."


In the Heart of the Sea swims into theaters December 11th.