Star Wars Episode VII Rumors: Max Von Sydow, Daisy Ridley, & Someone Might Have Lost A Hand

BadAss Digest is reporting on a whole new set of rumors concerning Star Wars Episode VII.One [...]

BadAss Digest is reporting on a whole new set of rumors concerning Star Wars Episode VII.

One rumor concerns the character being played by Max Von Sydow, who is apparently some sort of cyborg with ties to the Prequel Trilogy.

Remember that I told you the movie begins with the discovery of the lightsaber? Well, it isn't Daisy Ridley who discovers it but rather a blue alien guy. He brings it to a salvage yard where Kira - that seems to be what Ridley's character's name is, or at least what they're calling her on set - sees it. She's hanging out there with von Sydow, who is an old cyborg dude, a guy who maybe has dementia. He talks a lot of nonsense. But as soon as that lightsbaber shows up, he gets lucid. He recognizes it. He begins to talk about the old days, name drops a couple of Prequel Trilogy characters, even. And then, after Kira and the alien leave he makes a call to a mysterious figure. "It's here," he says. But who is he calling? 

Another rumor has Ridley's character, Kira, living inside an abandoned AT-AT on the dessert planet that here the film opens.

Lastly, the report suggests that the film will return to Yavin IV, with the Millennium Falcon and the X-Wing's that we've seen in shots from the set being stationed at the Massassi Temple from A New Hope.

The report also mentions some concept art where Chewbacca has a cybernetic hand, having apparently lost a hand in battle sometime after the events of Return of the Jedi. The report mentions other concept art where he still has both of his natural hands, so there's no telling if this will make it into the film.

Also, he notes conspicuously little being said about Leia's role in the film.

Star Wars Episode VII opens December 18.