The Avengers Movie Mysteries: From Aliens To Mind Control

While we've seen a lot of The Avengers in various commercials and pictures of upcoming toy tie-ins, there is still a great deal that we don't know about the film. Considering that large portions of The Avengers filmed out in the open in major cities, it's amazing how much has been kept under wraps. We've compiled a list of the top five Avengers movie mysteries. A new Avengers movie trailer will be coming out on February 29, where it will be interesting to see if any of these questions are answered.

Hawkeye equal time5. Do The Heroes Really Share Equal Screen Time?

– While director Joss Whedon has suggested that each of the main characters gets fairly equal screen time, the early Avengers trailers certainly don't make it seem that way. The big four of Iron Man, Thor, Hulk, and Captain Americahave been the central focus of most of the promotional images and early footage released by Marvel Studios. Did most of the footage with Black Widow and Hawkeye wind up on the cutting room floor?

Spider-Man Avengers cameo4. Are There Other Superhero Cameos?

– If you don't count Stan Lee as a superhero (which there are several compelling arguments that maybe you should), then there are no confirmed superhero cameos in The Avengers. There has been lots of speculation involving everyone from Spider-Man to the Sub-Mariner to Captain Marvel, but no one has been confirmed (and Spider-Man has been denied). Will fans be disappointed if there are no surprise superhero cameos in The Avengers at all?

Red Skull in The Avengers3. Is There More Than One Villain?

– So we know that Loki is the main villain in The Avengers, but there have been a ton of rumors suggesting more than one villain. Early speculation revolved around Red Skull, because a toy manufacturer mentioned him in a blurb about a movie toy tie-in, but official sources deny that Red Skull is in the movie. Thanos is another name that keeps popping up, which has neither been confirmed or denied. Will Loki be the only villain or is there someone else?

Who are the aliesn in The Avengers?2. Who Are The Aliens?

– Even after seeing the aliens in the Avengers Super Bowl trailer and seeing prototype toys of the aliens, there is still a question as to who the aliens are (if they are even aliens). We compiled a list of eight different theories about the identity of the aliens, and there are even other new theories emerging every day. Based on the toys, it certainly looks like the answer might be Skrulls, but a reported official denial from Marvel has everyone scratching their heads.

0commentsThor attacks Captain America1. Why Is Thor Attacking Captain America?

– We see Nick Fury pulling together The Avengers, and we see them circling together as a team. But in one perplexing scene from an extended trailer, we also see Thor apparently attacking Captain America. What would lead the God of Thunder to swing his mighty hammer against Captain America's shield? Does Loki use mind control to turn The Avengers against each other?