The Dark Knight Rises: People Of Gotham, We Have Not Abandoned You!

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While consisting of mostly previously released material, The Dark Knight Rises behind the scenes featurette has offered up just enough new footage to stir up a lot more speculation. If you don't want to read some rather mild and obvious spoilers about the movie, then be warned to stop reading now. First, there is debate over exactly who the bald child in prison is. The obvious choice would be Bane since in his origin he was born and raised in prison, but the fact the Joey King reportedly shaved her heard for her role has some wondering if it could instead be a young Talia Al Ghul. Second, there is a new scene relating to Gotham City that appears to have confirmed a long standing rumor about The Dark Knight Rises. In previous trailers for The Dark Knight Rises, there have been some scenes that led to speculation that The Dark Knight Rises would be loosely based on the Knightfall and No Man's Land storyline from the comics. In the No Man's Land storyline, Gotham City is cut off from the rest of the world and the U.S. government declares the city a no man's land. Earlier trailer scenes that showed the bridges leading into Gotham City being blown up reminded many of the No Man's Land storyline. In the Dark Knight Rises featurette, a new scene shows two jets flying over a Gotham City that appears to be under attack, while a voiceover says, "People of Gotham, we have not abandoned you!" The scene then flashes to Commissioner James Gordon and Officer John Blake in a patrol car, where they appear to be reacting to the announcement. Blake asks Gordon, "What does that mean?" Gordon replies, "It means we're on our own."