The New Mutants Credits Scene: Comics Tribute Explained

The New Mutants hits theaters this weekend as the last of the Fox-era of Marvel movies. The film set in the X-Men universe will likely not see any sequels or spinoffs coming in the future which is why there will be no post-credits scenes attached to the movie. Marvel fans know to stay through the credits for a look in to the future, though. Since there likely is no Marvel future for the cast and characters as they appear in The New Mutants, director Josh Boone and the creatives behind The New Mutants had something special put together for those who do watch the credits roll: a tribute to the comics from Demon Bear artist Bill Sienkiewicz.

"I did something better [than a post-credits scene]," Boone tells in the interview above. "I can't give you a post-credit scene because I had to scrap it because then it would entail that there was another movie. So, but what I did is we had Bill Sienkiewicz, we had Bill come and, he did illustrations of everybody for the end credits. So, like when it says Anya Taylor-Joy, Bill did a brand new thing behind her. So like, you'll see a bunch of his artwork sort of represented during the end titles, which I hope will be good for fans."

When The New Mutants arrives at home, there will also be an additional tribute to Sienkiewicz. "They asked me if I would do an audio commentary and I've done audio commentaries before, but like I sort of told them instead, it's like, 'Could we instead do like a feature length interview with Bill about his life and career? And instead of having a scene specific commentary, people listen to that?' And so we did that instead. So we've tried to honor his work and make sure that as many people go look at it as possible."

As the story goes, Boone did have detailed plans for future films with the characters he introduces in The New Mutants. Ultimately, he was aiming for a trilogy which would have included a big X-Men universe crossover at the end.

"What we sold to Fox was really a comic book made and I had made, that showed what all three films would be," Boone explains. "So it's like the first one was always a rubber reality horror movie based on Demon Bear. The second one was always an alien invasion movie based on a Warlock and his dad coming to earth and all that. And then the third one was gonna be Inferno and be more of like a demonic supernatural horror movie. We've finally crossed over with the X-Men movies like it does in the comics for Inferno and all that. That was sort of the dream."


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