Garrett Hedlund Addresses 'Tron 3' Rumors

The future of Disney's Tron franchise has been a bit of an enigma in recent years, but it sounds [...]

The future of Disney's Tron franchise has been a bit of an enigma in recent years, but it sounds like one star of Tron: Legacy would be willing to reprise his role.

Garrett Hedlund, who played Sam Flynn in Disney's 2010 sequel, was recently asked about a possible Tron 3 in an interview with That Hashtag Show. While he's uncertain if he will be able to reprise his role in it, Hedlund is excited about the possibility to return.

"I'm a little [excited]." Hedlund reveald. "I know there's been announcements or some [you know] people talking about certain things on it. I don't know what the direction is. I'm sure it's [you know] pretty far off."

Hedlund went on to mention the chance he almost had to reprise his role, in the previously-planned Tron: Ascension. The project was initially halted back in 2015, with Hedlund and Legacy's other cast members reassuring that the film wasn't "totally" dead at the time. But now, it sounds like Hedlund could be a little less certain.

"We almost had it greenlit a couple years ago." Hedlund explained. "And they had the Ascension script that they were going to go with. And I think just with things going on with the financial stage of the industry at that time, really just prevented it at the moment, and we'll see what the future holds."

According to the most recent updates, a version of Ascension could still make it to the big screen, in a proposed reboot that's "being built out of the source code of the deleted Tron 3 script." This film would involve a major role from Suicide Squad and Blade Runner 2049's Jared Leto, who has been outspoken about his love for the franchise.

"Jared and I had actually been talking about Tron since Tron: Legacy back in 2009," Joseph Kosinski, who directed Tron: Legacy, said last month. "We almost put him in that movie, actually in [the End of Line club scene]! So Jared's a huge fan and we actually batted around ideas and I was talking to him about that role in Ascension, but we only got to the script stage on that. We never really moved beyond that and that's sort of where it sits for now."