The Virtuoso Movie Clip Presents a Mysterious Conflict (Exclusive)

The new film The Virtuoso blends together a number of different influences and genres to tell its story of a hitman arriving in a small community, with the film's ambitions being rivaled only by the talents of the cast enlisted for the endeavor, with the above clip hinting at the characters' secret pasts. The Virtuoso stars Anthony Hopkins, Anson Mount, Abbie Cornish, and David Morse and comes from director Nick Stagliano and writer James C. Wolf. Check out the clip from The Virtuoso above before the film hits select theaters, On Demand, and Digital HD on April 30th and lands on Blu-Ray and DVD on May 4th.

Danger, deception, and murder descend upon a sleepy country town when a professional assassin (Anson Mount) accepts a new assignment from his enigmatic mentor and boss (Oscar winner Anthony Hopkins). Given only where and when along with a cryptic clue, the methodical hitman must identify his mysterious mark from among several possible targets, including a local sheriff (David Morse). Meanwhile, a chance encounter with an alluring woman (Abbie Cornish) at the town's rustic diner threatens to derail his mission in this noir-style cloak-and-dagger thriller.

"Really nothing surprising here, in that it was one of the great experiences of my life to meet him, then direct him in this film," Stagliano shared with about working with Hopkins. "I thought that the role of 'the Mentor' needed and deserved an actor of his level (the highest), as that is what always elevated this film above a simple action film. I wrote the scene in the cemetery and I was thinking of who could pull this off really and there were very few people on that list. When UTA came to us with a shortlist of men they represented and he was on it, I thought I had to take that chance, not really believing I had a prayer. But thankfully, the script read well to him, and that cemetery scene especially touched him as he had similar feelings of the impact of guilt and redemption on the human character. On set and in person and on-screen, the greatest experience. Very warm, giving to crew and fellow cast, not pretentious at all, and very much the "Tony" that he introduces himself as when he meets you."

In regards to working with Mount, Stagliano continued, "A theater trained, classic actor who happens to have leading man good looks. His depth of character and work ethic are second to none, and his on-set behavior was inspirational to myself and many on the set. A real team player who was always prepared and focused, but willing to listen to my direction and adjust whenever necessary, though that was very rare, as from our very first meeting on this film, he got the character exactly as I saw him, so working with Anson was a great pleasure."


The Virtuoso hits select theaters, On Demand, and Digital HD on April 30th and lands on Blu-Ray and DVD on May 4th.