Was Ben Affleck Offered the Role of Batman in Justice League?

Ben Affleck as Batman

Today, news broke that the Justice League script by Will Beall is apparently dead, and that means starting over from square one for Warner Bros. and the probable dissolution of the prospect of a "DC Cinematic Universe" anytime soon. But, as happened the last time a Justice League movie almost got made, there will be those who ask "What if...?". Well, here's an intriguing piece of information that Latino Review's El Mayimbe just revealed on his Twitter feed:

Now, while it's easy to dismiss this kind of thing as gossip and rumor, the idea that Affleck was offered the Justice League job is widely accepted as true. He's one of at least three filmmakers (the others being Ridley Scott and Guillermo del Toro) who reportedly passed on the gig, and more names than that (way more) have been bandied about. It's also pretty well-established that when Affleck directs a movie, he casts himself--but would the man whose reputation was seriously damaged by Daredevil be eager to get back into tights for another movie? And not just any tights--Batman is the best-established superhero on the big screen, and we're coming off a record-breaking, award-winning franchise featuring the character. Expectations for the next Bruce Wayne will be almost ludicrously high. Joked El Mayimbe:


The Latino Review reporter, who was the first to break news that Marvel may be planning a Planet Hulk film and a World War Hulk-style follow-up for Avengers 3, added that "After that script got major director passes & Gangster Squad didn't do gangbusters, it was pretty much over for that Justice League version." That's pretty much the narrative we've been pushing here at ComicBook.com, too, so it's good to hear we're on the right track.