Watch Alan Rickman Prank Daniel Radcliffe On The Set Of Harry Potter

Harry Potter Prank

The world continues to mourn the loss of actor Alan Rickman, and while he'll be remembered for many great performances, he'll also be remembered by his co-stars for who he was behind-the-scenes. One story the cast of the Harry Potter films is sure to remember is the time that Rickman and Michael Gambon pranked Daniel Radcliffe on the set of Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban.

At the time, they were filming a scene that had the children of Hogwarts lying in sleeping bags on the floor of the Great Hall. The young Radcliffe was trying to keep his sleeping bag close a certain girl he had taken an interest in, and Rickman saw this as an opportunity. Rickman placed a farting machine in Radcliffe's sleeping bag, and handing the control over to Gambon, who knew exactly what to do.

See for yourself below.

Radcliffe took the joke for the harmless prank it was intended to be. Following Rickman's death, Radcliffe wrote a heartfelt remembrance, as did co-star Emma Watson.


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