World of Warcraft Teaser Trailer Description


The big news so far out of the Warner Bros./Legendary Pictures panel is the fact that they showed the room a teaser for World of Warcraft. The upcoming, live-action movie based on the popular MMORPG began in the desert, with a green sky above, and a knight standing in the center of the frame. He pulls his sword out as a storm rolls in. There's a suit of armor that's been abandoned and he steals a shield off a skeleton. Creatures come over the hills--the camera traces the movements of an orc as it comes toward the knight, and as the two collide, the shot cuts to the World of Warcraft logo. The action was realistic, as you'd expect from Legendary, less slick than I would have imagined. Think Lord of the Rings. The room ate it up. The filming actually begins next year, so like the Godzilla images in the Godzilla Encounter that were rumored to be--but not actually--footage from the film, it will be different by the time people see it. This was intended as a way of setting a tone.