X-Men: Days Of Future Past Post Credits Scene Detailed Explanation

X-Men Days Of Future Past LogoX-Men: Days of Future Past

released into theaters today and, in typical comic book movie fashion, featured an after-the-credits scene hinting at what is to come from in the series' near future. Of course, if you haven't seen the film or don't want to know what's coming next, you should know that spoilers follow. The after-the-credits scene starts with a shot from behind a hooded figure standing on a hill in the desert. As the camera moves we can see a crowd of people worshiping at the figures feet. The worhippers are chanting En Sabah Nur, which is the real name of Apocalypse. In the sky there are floating pyramid shapes flying through the air, forming and reforming as they move. We finally get to see the face of the figure, and the face is pale with blue lips. Any X-Men fan would be able to peg this character as Apocalypse even if the name of the next movie in the series wasn't X-Men: Apocalypse. In the comics, Apocalypse was born in Akkaba, a Middle Eastern city, and was abandoned due to his strange appearance. He was taken in by a tribe called the Sandstormers who practice the doctrine of "survival of the fittest," which will become Apocalypse's own mantra. Apocalypse is considered the first mutant in Marvel Comics canon. It's not a stretch then to imagine that he would be worshiped as a god once his mutant powers began to manifest. You can also spot Apocalypse's four horsemen on a sand dune over his shoulder in the background. This is Apocalypse's M.O.: create four horseman to cull the weak and aid his rise to power. Often these horsemen will be an X-Man who was forcibly transformed. The most iconic and well known example is Warren Worthington III be transformed from Angel in Apocalypse's Archangel of death. If the film's decide to go this route, I wouldn't be surprised if they end up using Wolverine as Death, which did occur at one point in the comics. The floating pyramids are a little harder to explain. I'm not sure who has the film rights to the Celestials, but these cosmic entities make Apocalypse their evolutionary caretaker and grant him his powerful armor. Perhaps he's using Celestial technology or the technology of another alien race meant to fill in for the Celestials? Another point of interest is that the tech shares a similar visual design to the Sentinels' transports in the future of Days of Future Past and the way they reform themselves as they travel through the sky seems to be similar to how the Sentinels transform themselves in the film. Could this be meant to hint at a connection between Apocalypse and the technology used to create the Sentinels? Maybe, or maybe not. It may just be an unintended visual association caused by the digital effects team employing a consistent style all the way through to the film's post-credits scene. X-Men: Days of Future Past is currently in theaters. X-Men: Apocalypse comes to theaters May 27, 2016.