Zack Snyder's Justice League Reveals First Full Look at Darkseid

One of the most anticipated panels at DC FanDome was unquestionably Zack Snyder's panel featuring the Snyder Cut of Justice League. The project has been a hot topic of conversation since the film hit theaters back in 2018, and since the Snyder Cut project was announced, fans have received small glimpses of new images, behind the scenes shots, and even footage from the film. At FanDome fans finally got the full trailer for the project, and it kicked off with the first full look at the ruler of Apokolips himself, Darkseid.

Snyder has teased Darkseid several times on social media, even sharing a photo of him, though it was from pretty far away. Here we get to see Darkseid up-close, and shocking to no one, he's angry about something.

His eyes are lit up with a yellowish glow, and you can see his symbol emblazoned on his chest (looking as if it was carved in). He's also got chunky gauntlets on his writs and he is holding a weapon that is also glowing, though it is more of an orange glow.

(Photo: WB)

You can check out the full image above, and the full trailer can be found in the video above.

Elsewhere in the trailer, we get a look at the new and improved (or should we say old and improved) Steppenwolf, who is boasting that shifting tech look he had in the Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice deleted scene (which was eventually included in the Ultimate Edition.

We also see more of the nightmare world that Batman finds himself in, which seems to be partly as a result of Darkseid turning Superman because of the anti-life equation, which seems to also be hinted at during the opening parts of the trailer.

There's plenty of other details to mine from the trailer, which shows deaths we didn't expect, Superman in his black suit, Iris' long-awaited debut, and more, and you can see all of our coverage on the Snyder Cut right here.


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