Ash vs Evil Dead Episode 2 Recap with Spoilers: Bait


Note: This show is rated Mature, or would carry an R rating in theaters. The recap reflects that.

Episode 2 picks up right where the first episode left off, with Ash, Kelly and Pablo in Ash's trailer. Ash informs the two that the evil entities they encountered are called "Deadites" and that he'd like to get the Necronomicon (aka The Book of the Dead) translated by an expert to figure out a way to stop the Deadites. Kelly tries to convince Ash to go to her home, as she believes her dead mother might be a Deadite and her father is in danger. Ash declines.

Ash goes outside to do some maintenance on his trailer. With his back turned a Deadite version of his boss Mr. Roper creeps up behind him, but before it can attack Kelly speeds off on Pablo's motorcycle and the Deadite creeps back into the shadows. Pablo runs out of the trailer calling for Kelly, but he's too late.

Ash lets Pablo know that this hasn't changed his plans to have the book translated, but then Pablo informs him that Kelly took the book. Pablo knows the way to her family's house and Ash is forced to go after her in order to retrieve the book.

On their car ride, Pablo asks for advice on fighting Deadites. While Ash is admiring his handsome mug in the rearview mirror Mr. Roper appears in the backseat and attacks Ash. Pablo tries to come to Ash's aid by picking up an empty beer bottle and smashing it on Mr. Roper's head. It has no effect. The struggle ends once Ash picks up the now-broken bottle and stabs Roper's neck repeatedly and then sticks Roper's head out the driver's side window as an oncoming car decapitates him.

Michigan State Trooper Amanda Fisher arrives at Ash's trailer park and is conveniently provided with information from Ash's neighbors that links him with the Deadite woman she encountered in the pilot. She then finds a "Books From Beyond" business card for the book expert Ash wanted to go see.

Ash and Pablo arrive at Kelly's house. Before they enter they try to prepare for what carnage they might encounter inside. They bust through the front door and are surprised to see Kelly, her dad and her not-so-dead mother all fine. Apparently, Kelly's mom had amnesia and has spent her time living in homeless shelters. When she remembered who she was she returned home. Great story, but Ash ain't buying it.

Back to the trailer park, where more police have shown up and a sketch of Ash is shown to Ash's grumpy neighbors. Fisher takes a look at the sketch and then is ordered to leave by her commanding officer.

Back to Kelly's house, where Ash and Pablo are inside of his trailer and Pablo confesses that he took The Book of the Dead, not Kelly. He lied to Ash because he wanted Ash to help him with Kelly's situation first. Ash tries to convince Pablo that Kelly's mom is probably a Deadite.

They head back inside Kelly's house to have dinner with her family. Ash grills Kelly's mom, convinced that she is a Deadite. The tension is thick and then Ash says he has one more question for her and that is when he slugs her. She falls to the ground and Kelly gets in his face for assaulting her mom.

During the commotion, Kelly's mom rises from the floor and it is finally revealed that she is in fact a Deadite. Kelly's dad approaches his Deadite wife and is greeted with a fork to the eye. He dead.

Ash quickly puts his chainsaw on his stump and turns it on. He then aims his shotgun at Kelly's mom and fires off several shots. He misses. When he goes to reload he loses sight of where she went. Ash checks on Pablo, who is shaking with fear. Pablo says he is okay but has no clue where Kelly went.

We then head upstairs where a frantic Kelly locks herself into her bedroom. Though, she's not alone in there. Her Deadite mom is sitting on Kelly's bed singing a lullaby. Ash and Pablo burst through the door and Kelly tries to convince them that her mom isn't completely evil. Ash knows better than that and tries to cut her in two with his chainsaw, but it gets stuck in the wall. The Deadite leaps onto Ash's back and tries to wrestle Ash's gun away from him. Pablo comes off the sidelines and stabs the Deadite in the head, but that only angers it. It then pulls the knife from its head and approaches Kelly and Pablo. Ash gets the chainsaw started just in time and sticks it into the Deadite and then cuts her head off.

It's now daytime and Kelly's parents have been buried in her yard. Pablo and Ash tell Kelly she should join them on their quest now that the Deadites have ruined her life. She agrees to tag along.


Cut to Fisher standing outside of the Books From Beyond store and then walking up to its entrance.

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