Back To The Future USA Today Cover Now Available Online


The special edition of USA Today featuring a replica cover of the newspaper Marty McFly looked at in Back to the Future Part II is now available for purchase online. The paper was sold on newsstands this week to commemorate "Back to the Future Day," the day Marty and Doc Brown arrived in the future (October 21, 2015). The collectible will run you $4.95.

It's one of a host of collectibles and specials done to celebrate the day, week, and month. Like USA Today, Pepsi created the "Pepsi Perfect" bottle as a collectible to sell on the special day. Demand far-outstripped supply, prompting the company to make another run of the collectibles.


A special screening and panel with the stars of the film was held in New York, and the full trilogy of Back to the Future movies was re-released in theaters around the globe, making a decent buck for a 25-30 year-old franchise.