Batman Vs. Superman To Feature Doomsday, Wonder Woman, & Nightwing?


The same Warner Bros. producer who suggested that Robin won't be speaking to Batman and there will be drones in Batman Vs. Superman has offered up some more possible tidbits via Twitter. Over the last day, Hitman producer Daniel Alter has tweeted hints that Doomsday, Wonder Woman, and Nightwing will be in Batman Vs. Superman.

Of course, the Wonder Woman and Nightwing rumors have been swirling for several weeks, but there haven't been many Doomsday rumors. Back in November, was the first to report on a Doomsday Easter Egg in the Man of Steel Blu-Ray extras. However, Alter's tweet is the first suggestion that Doomsday could actually be in Batman Vs. Superman.

Of course, Alter's tweet is somewhat vague, only noting, "Need to talk to some people tnite about #doomsday in #BatmanvsSuperman." Doomsday really seems like a villain that Warner Bros. would save for either Justice League or a later Superman movie, but maybe the groundwork for his appearance could be laid in Batman Vs. Superman.

It's unclear if Alter is speaking with any official knowledge or not, but many fans are buzzing about his tweets because of his connection to Warner Bros. Update: Alter has clarified that he is "not speaking as a representative/involved in #BatmanvsSuperman. Just a fan/in the biz/hear things.."