Bizarre Fantastic Four Movie Synopsis Surfaces Online

Fantastic Four Reboot Movie

Based on the casting rumors that have been circulating about the Fantastic Four reboot, director Josh Trank appears to have a far different vision for his Fantastic Four than the direction that past Fantastic Four films went. A new synopsis for Josh Trank's Fantastic Four movie has surfaced on an online casting site. While the description doesn't read like something a studio would write, the description is just bizarre enough that it could be true.

According to, plot synopsis removed at request of Twentieth Century Fox.

The site also suggests that Michael B. Jordan as Johnny Storm is the only role that has been cast. This could very well be true, because there have been rumors about various actors for other roles, but Michael B. Jordan is the only name that keeps coming up for the Johnny Storm role. The description would also match with reports that Trank has been looking at young actors for the Reed Richards role. If the description is accurate, then it would point toward a version of the Fantastic Four that is much closer to the Ultimate Universe version of Fantastic Four rather than the traditional Marvel Universe Fantastic Four.

Fantastic Four is scheduled to be released in movie theaters on June 19, 2015.