DC Comics Exclusive Preview: Stormwatch #26

Stormwatch #26

Comicbook.com received an exclusive preview of Stormwatch #26 from DC Comics. Check out the cover above, as well as the five preview pages below.

In Stormwatch #26, Storm Control decides to trade one peril to Earth for another while Stormwatch teams up with a mega-powered cosmic dynamo, and we finally get to meet Extremax the Omega in the flesh!

Stormwatch #26 is written by Jim Starlin with art by Yvel Guichet and Le Beau Underwood. The cover art is also by Yvel Guichet and Le Beau Underwood. Stormwatch #26 is scheduled to be released in comic book stores on Wednesday, December 4, 2013.

Stormwatch #26 Page 1

Stormwatch #26 Page 2

Stormwatch #26 Page 3

Stormwatch #26 Page 4

Stormwatch #26 Page 5