Deadpool Movie Could Be PG-13, Says Rob Liefeld

Nobody could have predicted that the biggest news of the week coming out of Comic Con International: San Diego would be a leak (and subsequent, official release) of test footage for the long-in-development Deadpool movie.

The film has sometimes been looked at as a lost cause, since when the script which leaked online back in 2010 it became clear that in order to make that film, they would earn an R-rating from the MPAA.

Deadpool creator Rob Liefeld has often underscored that feeling, talking about how perfect the script was and how he wouldn't want to see a version of the film made that had to make compromises to be more marketable.

With the enthusiastic response to the test footage, though, there's been a bit of the "...too bad this will never happen..." talk online and (probably partially in response to that), Liefeld has chimed in on Twitter to say, not so fast.


Liefeld also noted that there was an absence of the blood and language that would typically make for an R-rated film in the test footage (which may be fair; we're not sure how the severed head would play either way but it would be worth trying).