Drake Bell Talks Spider-Man & Says He Wants To Play Invincible

Over the weekend, we had the chance to catch up with Drake Bell at the Wizard World Nashville Comic Convention for an exclusive interview.

Bell, who is the voice of Spider-Man on several animated series, including Ultimate Spider-Man and Avengers Assemble, was a fan-favorite choice while Marvel Studios was casting Spider-Man for the Marvel Cinematic Universe. However, he never got to audition for the part, he told me. "I think they wanted to really go for a really young kid," Bell said. "[Tom Holland] is 18 or 19, so I think I just missed the boat on the age a little bit."

Bell does, however, have faith in Holland's ability to play the role, saying, "I think he'll be great." Contrary to his Spider-Man role's comic book counterpart, Bell is team Captain America from the start for Civil War, and when I told him I'm team Iron Man, he hit me with, "I think Bruce Wayne is way cooler than Tony Stark," followed by his claim that Batman would beat Superman in a fight. "The thing is they can't fight each other. It's ridiculous, first of all, because Superman can't lose to anyone," he exclaimed, "but I think Batman is way cooler than Superman."

Bell sounds like he is living a dream voicing Spider-Man, noting how excited he gets to work with Stan Lee, Mark Hamill, and other iconic celebrities. However, when asked who his dream super hero role would be, he emphatically says, "Invincible."

"They need to make an Invincible movie or TV show," Bell said, adding, "They need to do it so badly and I need to play Invincible." An Invincible movie or TV series doesn't seem all too implausible seeing as its creator, Robert Kirkman, seems to be bringing all of his other properties to live-action life.