Fan Fridays: Will the Justice League Set Up Shop in Gotham City?


The Justice League is soon to assemble! With Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice only two weeks away, the speculations are running wild and announcements are coming in hot. With the latest bombshell being J.K. Simmons, of Spider-Man and Whiplash fame, being cast as Commissioner Gordon in the upcoming Justice League flick, and most assuredly the eventual standalone Batman film, it’s interesting to see that the pace is moving at a frantic speed to get the first on film team up with all these characters ready to go. fan Liz Jordan believes that, thanks to this recent casting news among other factors, Gotham will be the central hub for the Justice League in the film, and perhaps the location of their headquarters moving forward.

To start, there is certainly credibility leading to this idea in so much as everyone knows that of all the characters who are currently members of the League, Batman is the most popular and makes the most money hands down for the WB. To tie the Justice League even further to the actions of the Dark Knight moving forward would make for a safe bet, and there are plenty of comic book storylines to back this up. Perhaps the first villains the League face is a newly assembled Injustice Gang led by Leto’s Joker or maybe Jesse Eisenberg’s Lex Luthor is looking for some payback on the Bat by bringing his nefarious schemes to Gotham, which necessitates a colossal combination of the World’s Finest. We know for a fact that Darkseid is on the way thanks to the one picture of his “Omega Symbol” scrawled across the ground in Batman V Superman, but he’s probably going to need a bit of build-up and the perfect place for him to appear would be in the sequel, which comes out fairly soon after Justice League Part One.


A big Batman storyline that incorporates the Justice League and most of the DC Universe’s villains is Cataclysm, which finds Gotham City in ruins following a devastating earthquake. Granted, this would most likely be changed for the films to better incorporate what’s been established in the DC Cinematic Universe but it is fertile ground for bringing all the necessary elements together. At the end of the day, building a cinematic universe is no small feat, and Warner is understandably going to take the necessary steps to make sure it comes off without a hitch. Having the Justice League fighting a threat on the mean streets of Gotham City such as the one presented in Cataclysm, and encountering some new versions of Batman’s villains would make for a nice nod to the past while paving the way for the future.

Justice League’s HQ has varied over the years from the Hall of Justice on Earth to the Watchtower in outer space, but if there was one city that needed as many heroes as it can get, it would be Gotham. I don’t foresee the League ever appearing proper in the Fox Gotham series, outside of say maybe a namedrop here or there, but setting up shop in the city still works. The DC Cinematic Universe is fit to burst with characters and settings, but at its heart will always be the Bat and it should be interesting to see how that comes into play down the road.

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