Freddie Highmore Would Love To Play Spider-Man


Next Monday, season three of A&E's Bate's Motel makes its debut and the show's star Freddy Highmore, who plays Norman Bates, is out and about promoting the show. During a recent interview he was asked if he would have any interest in playing Spider-Man?

"Obviously I would love to be considered," Highmore told IGN. "That would be fantastic. I guess we'll just see how things go."

And what is it that Highmore, 23, finds so appealling about Peter Parker/Spider-Man. "You always feel like you can identify with him," Highmore explained. "He's that kind of guy at school who wasn't perhaps in the really cool group, but who was extremely intelligent and managed to find confidence in being Spider-Man - in this other side to his life."

"I was going to try and make a comparison between Spider-Man and Norman Bates," Highmore said bashfully. "But I'm not's probably best to stay clear of that one." He then goes to explain that the comparison would've been related to both characters, who are awkward, having that desire to fit in.

Listen to his response in the video below.


Next Spider-Man film will arrive July 28, 2017. Rumor has it that Drew Goddard ("Cabin In The Woods") will direct and it will be titled The Spectacular Spider-Man.