Gangster Squad Trailer Pulled After Dark Knight Shooting

Warner Brothers confirmed today that the trailer for Gangster Squad, the upcoming film about the government's war with gangster Mickey Cohen, has been pulled from theaters around the country following this morning's shooting in Colorado at a screening of the studio's new Batman film The Dark Knight Rises.

In the trailer, which debuted last night, shows a group of gangsters firing through a movie screen into a crowded theater.

Says Entertainment Weekly, owned by Warner, "That’s why viewers aren’t likely to see that footage again in a trailer — if at all."

Following the September 11 terrorist attacks, Sony famously pulled an ad for Spider-Man that showed the Marvel Hero trapping a helicopter in a giant web held between the two towers of the World Trade Center, and the scene was cut from the final version of the film. Disney's Big Trouble, a screwball comedy that involved an airplane hijacking, was delayed and then tanked at the box office.

Gangster Squad, due in theaters in September, was written by Will Beall, who has been hired by Warner Brothers to write the upcoming Justice League movie.