Harrison Ford Confirms Expendables 3 Role But Hasn't Seen Expendables 1 & 2

Harrison Ford Expendables 3 Jimmy Kimmel

Earlier this week, Sylvester Stallone announced via Twitter that Harrison Ford had joined the cast of Expendables 3. In an appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live on Thursday night, Harrison Ford confirmed that he was going to be part of Expendables 3.

When Jimmy Kimmel asked Harrison Ford if he has seen the first two Expendables movies, Harrison Ford answered, “Why would I go to [see them]?” When Jimmy Kimmel explained he was going to be in Expendables 3, Harrison Ford replied, “What’s that got to…Yeah, I am.”

After Jimmy Kimmel asked for clarification that Harrison Ford didn’t see The Expendables or Expendables 2, Harrison Ford explained, “I’m trying to find time to see one of them.” After Jimmy Kimmel offered to catch him up by telling him there were lots of explosions, Harrison Ford said, “I really don’t care what it is.”