Jim Starlin Talks Guardians Of Galaxy & Ant-Man Movies

Jim Starlin

In a panel discussion at the Nashville Comics & Horror Festival last weekend, Jim Starlin revealed that he came to an agreement with Marvel over Thanos appearing in Marvel movies, and he’s also working on a top secret project for Marvel Comics. Starlin created both Thanos and Gamora, who are two characters that will play a role in the upcoming Guardians Of Galaxy movie.

When asked his thoughts on the Guardians Of The Galaxy movie, Jim Starlin said, “You know the gal who plays Gamora, I kind of like, I’ve seen her in a couple of things, I can’t think of her name off the top of my head. The wrestler they got for Drax looks pretty cool. Apparently Thanos does make some kind of appearance in there, which makes sense because Gamora is sort of his foster daughter.”

Jim Starlin added, “I really don’t know much anything about it other than that. They don’t ask me down to the set on a regular basis or ever. So I really can’t tell you too much about Guardians Of The Galaxy.”

When asked out of all the Marvel properties if Guardians Of The Galaxy was one he thought they would have chosen for a film, Jim Starlin said, “No, because Guardians Of The Galaxy was one of the worst selling books for the longest time. I mean how many times did they bring that thing back and it disappear. I mean, well, you can say the same thing about the X-Men. They’ve come and gone several times.”

After pointing out how other studios own the movie rights to many of Marvel's most popular characters, Jim Starlin added, “I think the Guardians was sort of a desperation move to get another franchise. I mean they’re doing an Ant-Man movie. Why would you do an Ant-Man movie? There’s never been an Ant-Man book that lasted more than six issues. But it may be a good movie, and apparently all the things I’ve heard, the visuals on it are quite spectacular. But right off the top of your head you wouldn’t think Ant-Man would be the one.”