Loki Kills an Asgardian to Escape in New Poster


Both Loki and Odin have new posters revealed today in the ramp-up to November's Thor: The Dark World.

It's the Loki poster that's particularly interesting, though - and not just because Tom hiddleston is doing a Q&A session on Twitter right now.

His image, in which he's standing on the other side of the window that a previous piece of promotional art has seen him sitting in, also sees him apparently stepping over the body of someone in Asgardian armor to do it. Who...? It isn't clear. But we have been promised that some Asgardian blood will be shed in this film, so is it possible that person isn't getting back up?

odin-600x959Odin's poster, meanwhile, draws on the character's non-comics mythology and features his two crows, Thought and Memory, through whom he can see into the future. Of course, there are lots of other crows around, so perhaps they'll go with a more general use of Odin as being tied to crows somehow.

Or, you know, they too could be tied to those teased Asgardian deaths...!