Marvel Studios Head Says Runaways May See Life On Television

During the question and answer session that followed today’s huge announcement concerning Marvel Studios’ Phase 3 plans, studio head Kevin Feige gave Runaways fans hope that the characters may yet find their way into the cinematic universe.

When asked about the state of Runaways film adaptation, Feige said that the script is still in “the vault” and that it may someday see life on television.

The script for the Runaways got writer Drew Pearce the job writing Iron Man 3, but the Runaways movie itself was put on the shelf so that Marvel Studios could put their resources towards building on the success of The Avengers.

Feige’s comments today echo similar comments from Pearce, who said, while promoting All Hail the King, that his Runaways script may be reworked for television.

Runaways is a cult favorite Marvel Comics series from Y: the Last Man creator Brian K. Vaughan, and Ms. Marvel artist Adrian Alphona. The series follows a group of teenagers who run away from home after discovering that their parents are supervillains.