Original Superman Producer Criticizes Man Of Steel For Being Too Batmanish

Superman & Batman Combined

Man Of Steel proved to be a huge success at the box office, but the film is not without its critics. While some appreciated a different, more action-oriented take on Superman, others were disappointed it wasn’t more like the 1978 Superman movie.

Speaking of the 1978 Superman movie, TMZ recently caught up with Ilya Salkind, who was an executive producer on Superman, Superman II, and Superman III. TMZ asked Ilya Salkind what he thought of the Man Of Steel, and it appears that he wasn’t a big fan.

At first, Salkind indicated that the film was “ok,” but a female friend prodded him to tell the truth and indicated that Salkind thought the movie was too dark. After the encouragement from his friend, Ilya Salkind said, “I think it’s a little Batmanish.”

If Salkind was upset over the Man Of Steel being a little Batmanish, then he probably isn’t going to be excited about the Man Of Steel follow-up at all, since Batman is set to actually appear with Superman.

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