Petition Started For Adam West To Appear In Batman Vs. Superman Movie

Adam West 2

Holy Moly! There’s a new Batman petition gaining steam on the Internet. Back when Ben Affleck was first announced as Batman in the upcoming Man Of Steel sequel (which is likely titled Batman Vs. Superman), some upset fans started petitions to have Affleck removed as Batman.

Now, a new petition has been started with the goal of getting Adam West into the Batman Vs. Superman movie. But it’s not a move to replace Affleck. It’s just in order to honor West, who starred in the classic sixties Batman TV series.

The Adam West petition was started by Me-TV Network with the goal of getting West a cameo in Batman Vs. Superman. Here’s how the petition reads: “There's been so much talk about the cast of the upcoming Batman film, we just had to chime in. We believe that it's always best to stick with a classic - and Adam West is pure memorable entertainment. Join us in our quest for West - sign our petition and leave a comment to show your support for putting Adam West in the new Batman film. We hope to present this petition and comments to the man himself!”

At the time of this article, there were a little over 3,500 signatures on the petition, but you can add you name to the list here.