Play a Zombie at Home! The Walking Dead Board Game Announced!

If you've reached your limit on Clue, Monopoly, Checkers or Sorry, you'll have a brand new game to add to family game night soon enough! Cryptozoic Entertainment has announced that a "strategy-based" game based on the popular comic book turned hit television series will be released this September, with a suggested age range of 13+. Guess this would make a poor substitute for Candy Land then, on that note! Game play takes place for one to four players, and is based around a large concept of the long-running Image Comic book series itself, survival. In a world where the dead rise and feed on surviving humans, the concept should translate into an interesting setup for a board game.

The setting for the board game will be the streets of Atlanta, where a portion of the action of the television series takes place, and game players can take on the role of Andrea, Rick or any of the other survivors. Hunt for supplies and try not to become one of the undead! In an interesting twist, even when a player "dies", they still play on as one of the "walkers", the term for the undead who roam looking for flesh to feed on. Wreak havoc on those still living and see if you can trip them up! There are other twists and turns in the game, so be sure to get your copy! Have your friends over and let the undead fun commence!