Stardust Celebrates Batman Day

(Photo: WWE)

Offering Batman the "protection" of the Cosmic Wasteland, WWE wrestler Stardust has released a new video celebrating Batman Day.

The wrestler, a vocal comics fan, name-drops comic book creators like Jeph Loeb, Grant Morrison and Scott Snyder in the video, you you can see below.

You can check it out below.

We're happy to give Stardust the signal boost -- the least we can do after he tweeted the video right at us to make sure we saw his Bat Signal go up:

Unsurprisingly, he also made a wink-and-a-nod reference to his feud with Stephen Amell, who plays Batman's fellow Justice League member Green Arrow on The CW's Arrow. It's expected that Amell and Stardust will have a rematch soon.


...And, yeah, another Stardust reference to Booster Gold. I guess we should start thinking about who he could play in the Booster Gold movie...!

You can celebrate Batman Day at your local comics retailer, or online at ComiXology, where DC has a boatload of Batman comics on sale.