The Flash: Five Predictions For the Rest of the Season

the-flash-revenge-of-the-roguesThis is the first Tuesday without a new The CW's The Flash of five such Tuesdays leading up to the series' return on January 20.

As such, it seemed as good a time as any to take stock in what's happened so far (more on that later) and look at ahead to the second half of the season in the hopes of figuring out just what it is that's coming.

There are going be both real and possible spoilers in this article, so...beware of that. And, yeah, since this is supposed to be predictions, we won't touch on things we know to be coming, like the recently-teased Firestorm costume and the like.

wells-zoomAt least one more big Harrison Wells twist is coming

I think it's obvious that the writers and producers didn't spend all that time building up a mystery around Harrison Wells, just to immediately give viewers the answer.

Whoever Harrison Wells is, he has access to speed powers and either is, or is working with, the Reverse-Flash...but there's got to be more to it than that, or cultivating all that suspense for the first half of the season just doesn't make any sense at a ll.

Iris WestIris and Barry

They're going to deal with the romantic subplot sooner than later.

Will it be resolved? Of course not; this is TV, and you can only resolve the series' central romantic subplot at the very end, unless it's Mike and Molly or something.

One of the things we've seen on both Arrow and The Flash is that they don't like to keep the audience hanging for too long.

SpeedForceThe Speed Force

Personally, I think we'll meet at least one ally in the use of the Speed Force this season, whether it's Wally, Bart, Max Mercury, Jay Garrick, Jesse Quick, an older Barry or somebody else I'm not thinking of. 

That said, even if not, we'll see more villains with a connection to the speed force and, with a little luck, the speed force itself by the end of the season. In order to beat an opponent who understands the speed force well enough to apparently time travel, Barry must learn that it exists and start figuring out how to use it.

weather-wizardWeather Wizard

Chad Rook, who played Weather Wizard in the series pilot, recently hinted on Twitter that he may be coming back into the DC Comics fold. We're buying it. Expect to see him, and a crazy explanation as to how he's not dead, in an upcoming episode.


The first costume changes

We saw a Flash ring on Harrison Wells, and a snippet of dialogue where Barry asks Cisco to improve his current suit. Combine that with the photo of the newspaper image from the future where Barry is wearing his comic book costume and apparently producers were telling the truth all along: his suit will evolve over time.