The Flash Season 2 VFX Featurette With King Shark, Grodd, Gorilla City & Hawkgirl


VFX Supervisor Armen Kevorkian looks back at the visual effects his team has came up with so far for Season 2 of The Flash, including Gorilla City, Hawkgirl, King Shark and the new and improved Grodd.

The featurette begins with storyboards of Arrow and Hawkman fighting from the recent crossover event. Then Kevorkian discusses how they chose to ignore science and went with what looked best for Hawkgirl and Hawkman deploying their wings. As for Grodd, they gave his fur an upgrade and enhanced his texture.

"We actually thought about Gorilla City quite a bit just to plant in things in there that could be shown in future episodes, like a coliseum that could you possibly see a fight between gorillas eventually," Kevorkian shared while concept art of it is shown. "And the one thing you really don't notice is the gorilla army standing in the courtyard and they're tapping their staffs."

Lastly, we get to see a rough animatic and concept art of King Shark that differs quite a bit from the finished product. Kevorkian ends the video by teasing Tar Pit, which we exclusively revealed the other day.


Check it out in the video below.

All-out war comes to next week's Winter Finale of The Flash at 8/7c!