The Marvel Experience Unveils Its Innovative Dome Design

The Marvel Experience.

The Marvel Experience has given us a first look at the unique design for their innovative new complex.

The complex will be a state-of-the-art, multi-dome structure that covers more than 80,000 square feet. The Marvel Experience will be the first time such a structure has been used on a mobile tour. The structure is designed to resemble a temporary S.H.I.E.L.D. installation that climbs up to six-stories high. The interior is a maze of interconnected domes full of interactive games, original animated short films, and the first-ever travelling motion-based ride that immerses fans in an original adventure that can only be found at The Marvel Experience.

The Marvel Experience plans to tour select area of the United States and Canada, stopping in cities for up to weeks at a time to provide the area with Marvel-style family entertainment.

The experience was designed by a team of motion-picture industry veterans, including concept artist Aaron Sims. Sims has experience working with Marvel's stable of heroes, having worked on such films as The Incredible Hulk, The Amazing Spider-Man, and X-Men: First Class. Some of his other credits include A.I., War of the Worlds, and Transformers.

The Marvel Experience and our innovative Dome environment is the future of themed entertainment. Aaron and our entire team have done a masterful job in setting the table for us with their magnificent designs and creativity for this dynamic experience,” said Rick Licht, Hero Ventures’ CEO. Executive Producer Michael Cohl added, “This Marvel experience employs new technology and new concepts that we think will make this one of the most exciting shows ever produced. It will be a truly unique experience.”


“The Domes are central to the singular story line that pulses through The Marvel Experience and are enhanced by state-of-the-art design applications and graphic elements,” said Doug Schaer, COO of Hero Ventures. “The interior will feature an exaggerated comic-style utilizing projected high-tech imagery, amazing fabricated set pieces and virtual simulations to advance the story. Our guests will be interacting directly with multiple Marvel Super Heroes, as well as members of S.H.I.E.L.D., as they take their place in the Marvel Universe”.

The Marvel Experience is set to begin touring in 2014.