The Walking Dead Season 4 Will Show Things Never Seen On Television Before

Glenn The Walking Dead

While the Walking Dead cast isn’t allowed to give away specific details about Season 4, several cast members have mentioned that the scripts for Season 4 are the best yet. In a Walking Dead panel at Fan Expo Canada, Steven Yeun shared his thoughts on Season 4.

Steven Yeun said, “We always come up here and say this new season is going to be awesome, but like for real, if you believe me right now, this season is going to be awesome. The scripts that we are getting are at a whole 'nother level. Norman, Andy and I, and Lauren, we sit down sometimes and just talk about what we’re reading, and I think this season is going to show you guys something that you’ve never seen before.”

Yeun added, “It’s going to dive into things that you’ve never seen before, and stuff that’s never been seen on television before, so get pumped.”

The Walking Dead Season 4 premiers on Sunday, October 13 on AMC.