The Walking Dead Spoilers: Five Season 4 Secrets Revealed

Walkers Crowd Together

A new sneak preview for The Walking Dead reveals some very interesting secrets for the upcoming Season 4. Some of the secrets might be considered spoilers, so hence the spoiler warning. As previously reported, there is a six to seven month time gap between Season 3 and Season 4 of The Walking Dead.

5. Walkers Crowd Together - One thing that many of the cast and crew have been teasing is that the walker threat is taken to a whole new level in Season 4. While there has been some speculation that walkers might evolve to become more intelligent, it looks more like they might just be crowding together and coming in swarms more in Season 4. At the beginning of the new video, Carol observes, "Thing is we had a pretty big build-up. They don't spread out anymore."

Walkng Dead Carl's friends

4. Carl Has Some New Friends – During the first three seasons of The Walking Dead, Carl didn't exactly have a lot of kids his age around to play with. As a result, he seems to have grown into making adult decisions at a very early age, as evidenced by him shooting someone from Woodbury during Season 3. In the new video, Carl is shown hanging out with some kids in his age range. Could he be finally getting some semblance of a normal childhood?

The Walking Dead Tyreese Girlfriend 3. Tyreese Has A Girlfriend – In the new video, Tyreese is shown getting all warm and cozy with Karen. The two are shown holding hands, and Tyreese lifts up Karen's hand and kisses it. With Glenn & Maggie already filling the happy couple role on The Walking Dead, is there really enough room for a second happy couple? On The Walking Dead, showing two people happy together is usually set up for something tragic to happen.


The Walking Dead Daryl & Rick graves 2. Someone Died - Speaking of something tragic happening, why are Daryl Dixon and Rick Grimes digging a new grave? They probably wouldn't dig a grave just to bury a walker body, so someone from within the group must have died. Judging from the blood spot at the top of what looks to be a body wrapped in a blanket, we're guessing maybe someone from the group became a walker and had to be shot or stabbed in the head.

the Walking Dead Tyreese spoiler

1. Tryreese Looks Shocked - So Tyreese looks shocked by something he is seeing. He's got flowers in his hand, so who could he have been going to see? Maybe, his new girlfriend Karen? Hmmm..we're starting to get some ideas about who Daryl and Rick might have been digging that hole for.