The Wolverines #1 Full Cover Revealed

When Charles Soule and Ray Fawkes long the new, weekly series Wolverines for Marvel in 2015, it will (surprise!) have a number of variant covers which we shared at the time of the announcement.

The cover by series artist Nick Bradshaw, though, drew the most attention becuase it had a redacted figure in the middle (see above). Generally that kind of thing is used to prevent spoilers, and there was speculation of all kinds: that a new character woudl be introduced at the end of The Death of Wolverine or that Wolverine didn't actually die in the traditional sense and would play some role in the series himself.

Well...that last guess isn't completely wrong, in that he certainly appears to be a...ahem...presence in the book.

Here's the un-redacted version of the cover from CBR:

...and, yes, that's Wolverine's adamantium-covered corpse on the cover.

In the ongoing series, a number of characters with close ties to Wolverine will band together in an uneasy alliance to forge a new path for themselves, honor Logan's legacy and explore the mysteries behind his death.

The title will feature Mystique, X-23, Sabretooth and Daken, among others. And apparently in addition to exploring those mysteries, they're...hanging out with what's left of the Ol' Canucklehead.


"Logan’s definitely dead, and I’m as involved in long-term plans for Wolverine as anyone, and we still are not talking about bringing him back," Soule told us in an interview shortly after the series was announced. "The idea is to really play with the world without him. I mean, no one will miss him unless he stays away, right? This weekly came out of a bunch of discussions I had with Mike Marts and the rest of Marvel editorial about fun things we could do to spin out of Death of Wolverine. We thought that Logan has such a rich supporting cast that it might be fun to do something awesome with all of them in one book, and here we are!"

The series launches in January, when we'll find out whether that cover is actually something that happens in the comic or more of a metaphor...!